Saturday, 18 June 2011

El código da vinci

Before being killed, Jacques Sauniere, the last Grand Master of a secret society founded by the Templars, passed to his granddaughter Sophie a mysterious key. Sauniere and his predecessors, among whom were men like Isaac Newton and Leonardo Da Vinci, have for centuries, a knowledge that can completely change the history of mankind. Now Sophie, with the help of symbology Robert Langdon expert in deciphering hidden messages in the most famous paintings of the great painter and the walls of ancient cathedrals. A puzzle to be solved soon, since they are not alone in the game: a powerful and influential Catholic organization is willing to use every means to prevent the secret comes to light.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Notebook

This story begins with an old man who is reading a book to an old woman who has Alzheimer. The book treats on a girl, Allie Hamilton, who arrives with her family on a small town in North Carolina to pass the summer.

Once there, she meets a boy, Noah Caulhoun, in a theme park. She's an upper-class girl, and he's a working-class boy, but they fall in love immediately.
They spend so much time together and they are happy for a few weeks, but then some trouble start to appear. Allie's parents don't agree with the relationship and they don't like Noah for being a lower-class boy. Noah and Allie have a discussion because of this, and they break up. On the next day, Allie's parents decide to leave the town immediately and return to the city, so Allie can't reconcile with Noah.

Noah doesn't know anything about what happened, and he sends letters to Allie, but her mother doesn't give them to Allie and she doesn't receive them. Then, Noah goes on World War II with his best friend.

Years later, he comes back and he decides to restore an old house he liked so much and where he spent so much time with Allie.
When he finishes restoring it, he appears on the newspaper and Allie sees it. She decides to visit him and they talk about how important they where to each other, but there is a big problem. After many years separated, Allie met another man and she's now compromised with him.

Allie's mother decides to tell her the truth and she gives her all the letters which Noah sent her. Allie decides to go back with Lon, the man who is compromised with her. On her way back, she starts reading all the Noah letters, and she starts crying. She arrives at the hotel and talks with Lon. She knows she should be with him but she loves Noah and she goes back with him. When she arrives, they kiss and they hug for a long time, but then the old man stops reading.

The old woman recognizes him. She realizes that’s their own love story and she hugs the old man, Noah. But it won’t be for much time, so she says him that she loves him and then she doesn’t remember anything.  Noah has to leave her room, and in the night he visits her and he lays in bed with her. Next morning, a nurse found both of them in bed. They died happy and loving each other like the very first day.

Allie and Noah at the beginning of their love story

Allie and Noah after all their love story