Monday, 23 May 2011


A teenager called Baby , whose parents were rich lived with them and her sister who was fifteen years old. she won goint to school when she saw a teenager sitting in a motorcycle , this boy called Hugo.
Hugo shouted ugly and she saw for window, there was a teenager very beautiful. In the college he waiting for her but she rose to the car.
Ahe hate him because they are very different though they fall in the love, they spend her time together.  A day Baby didn´t go to class to be with Hugo but the teacher saw them, she phone to the parents when she arrived at her house, they spoke with Baby. At the hihgt Baby went to the competition of motorcycle with Hugo, Baby rose with her boyfriend.
In this competition Pollo( the best friend Hugo) died. The parents Baby can´t saw them, they could separate them. Baby morried with boy who preferer her parents.
They went to the house and they happened and good nice time.

The difference between the book and the movie are:
is the name of actors the girls is baby but the boy is Step, other difference is in the book the girl is fair-haired and is the place history develops Roma.

We liked it much because this book speaks about the life of twi teenagers in love. This book or movie also teaches to the teenagers the life now.
This film or book is recommended for all the ages. We like it because is romantic.


  1. Thanks girls for being the first to post your comments. I know that it was quite difficult and I appreciate that. I haven't seen the film but I think you've liked it very much and I supposse that your class mates will really like it if they see it. Please think on a slogan you can use to make them go and and see it and post in in you entry. Thanks again and WELL DONE

  2. Sorry it's the teacher again just to say that you have some small grammar mistakes, they are nnot important at all. We will correct them together to practise, but you've done a good job.